Venice / by Andrew Tat

One overnight train and one day train from Milan later, we arrived in Venice. Along the way, we met Laura, who helped us get oriented with the region and recommended a few places to eat. 

After finding a hostel, we set out to find dinner and a place to chill per Laura's recommendation. 

The next day, Joseph and I set out to explore the islands of Murano and Burano. Murano, known for its glassblowing, was cool to check out. Burano, though, known for its colorful houses, was remarkable.

Even the ferry ride back was stunning.

That night, we realized we could get onto the roof of our hostel. Looking down at Venice at night was surreal.

The next two days, we explored Venice itself.

Joseph and I also roamed Venice's canalways at night.

To cap our trip to Venice off, we went to a handmade pasta place hidden away called Del Moro. Hands down the best pasta I've had in my life.

I definitely want to go back to Italy and feast next time. Between the gelato and the pasta, Italy has some great food.