Tokyo / by Andrew Tat

My parents recently traveled to eastern Asia, and my dad couldn't stop talking about how much he loved Japan. Having wished we could go on a trip together during my time at university, and with graduation behind me, my dad and I headed to Asia. First destination: Tokyo.

Outside of food, my knowledge of Japanese culture is very limited.

However, exploring Tokyo with my dad made me wish we had more than three days to go around Japan.

Asakusa Temple with Tokyo in the background.

Unfortunately, the Emperor's Imperial Palace was closed when we arrived, but it was still really cool to see from the outside.

We did manage to catch a glimpse of the emperor himself as he left the palace.

On the last day, we left the crowded downtown area and caught the subway over the Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba island.

Where we found the Statue of Tokyo...

The ironic thing is, as Americans, we still have yet to see the actual Statue of Liberty in New York. 

All in all, my dad's love of Japan was contagious and going back, if only to eat more nigiri, would be awesome (ideally to also check out Mount Fuji and Kyoto).