Mount Adams 2018 / by Andrew Tat

With an awesome ski tour up to Camp Muir under our belts, Pat, Micah, Derek, and I set our sights on bigger sends and headed south for Mount Adams. After everybody was off Friday evening, we drove down to the South Climb trailhead and camped out. At 4am Saturday morning, we started the 1 mile approach to snow, after which we were able to start skinning. 10 long hours later, we all reached Piker's Peak at ~11,500' (~3500m).

At that point, we were all super wiped and decided that pushing for the true summit wasn't reasonable considering we would have a bit of a traverse/hike out of the Southwest Chutes. Also, to be honest, we were mostly there to shred the chutes, which are accessed from Piker's Peak. So, after a long day, we hung out at Piker's Peak for a bit, transitioned, and sent the Southwest Chutes.


The clouds parted just in time before we started our descent and we were able to catch some breathtaking views of Gifford-Pinchot National Forest around Mount Adams (and some of Pat's groovy dance moves).

Our first few turns in the Southwest Chutes were absolutely incredible. The Southwest Chutes are 4000' of prime 35° ski terrain. Combine that with perfect timing in the afternoon, we were harvesting some soft corn turns.

Our legs weren't quite ready for the descent at times having spent 10 hours slogging uphill earlier, so we took a few breaks on the way down and admired the vastness of the run ahead of us.

Possibly one of the best ski days I've had yet with a super awesome squad! Definitely will come back to ski these chutes again sometime.