Ozette / by Andrew Tat

After a long day ski touring in the Enchantments at Colchuck Lake, it was time to unwind with something more casual: Ozette. A few weeks ago, Jesse hit me up about going backpacking with him as he finally had put together all the different pieces to his backpacking kit. He picked a pretty darn pretty first backpacking trip.

On our way to the coast, we stopped in Sequim, Will's hometown, to spend the night on the Dungeness Spit. The next day, we headed for Ozette and hit the trails for a quick 4 mile flat hike to the beach.

We couldn't have lucked out any better on weather. The forecast had called for rain all weekend long. As we drove to the trailhead, we were caught in a downpour, but once we got to the trailhead and started getting ready to head to the coast, the clouds lifted and the sun shined through! We were treated to a beautiful sunset while I took photos and Jesse sketched out #vanlife designs.


After a few showers the next morning, the sun broke through and the clouds parted for a very pleasant 5 mile hike out along the beach. I had heard of Ozette for the longest time, so it felt almost magical to have everything fall into place for my first trip out!