Mount Saint Helens 2018 / by Andrew Tat

In January, Madolyn and I summited Mount Saint Helens. I carried my skis up thinking this was my Helens summit for 2018. Little did I know, I would return two more times...


After taking my AIARE 1 class back in January after a recommendation from Alex, it was finally time for us to go on a tour together. After coming back from Florida, Alex hit me up to go south with a couple buddies of his and ski Mount Saint Helens.

Coming from the Worm Flows trailhead parking lot, we were able to start skinning up right away.


Unfortunately, I recognized an upcoming cramp and decided to stop ~1000' short of the summit. While the rest of the group continued upwards to tag the summit, I hung out until they returned. After that, it was party time and we all together hit the wide open slopes.

Super rad skiing with so many other people. Definitely set the tone for the rest of the tours this year.


After skiing Helens with Alex and company and being in the area for the second time this year, I thought I'd never return. Yet May rolled around, Emily was training for Baker, and I found myself on a training hike with her. She didn't have touring gear, but I did manage to convince her and Roberto to carry their skis up with me to get some late spring turns in :)


I think I'm gonna call it on Helens for this year now. Next up to revisit: Mount Adams.