Mount Adams 2017 / by Andrew Tat

I realized I haven't backpacked with Brian since NZ, and Madolyn and I were fresh off a trip to the Enchantments. After we all realized we wanted to do Adams next, we all found a free weekend and headed south!

We left Friday evening to cut a 5.5 hour drive into two bits. After spending the night by the Bridge of the Gods off of I-84, we headed to the Mount Adams Ranger Station in Trout Lake to grab Cascade Volcano Passes (necessary for climbs above 7000 feet on Mount Adams) and human waste bags (woo...!).

We arrived at the trailhead around 10 and started our hike up the South Climb Trail (#183) around 11. After a few hours slipping up scree and snow, we arrived at the Lunch Counter (9350 feet) and setup camp.

With all of the haze from the wildfires in British Columbia carrying down through Washington, we had an obstructed, but strangely beautiful and colorful sunset view from camp. 

Around 9pm, we all passed out for a much needed, horizontal-lying, restful sleep. 6 hours later, around 3am, we woke up and started our summit bid. 

Making our way up, seeing a red moon, and watching as other, twinkling headlamps marked other climbers making their summit bid was surreal.

After an hour or two, we arrived at Pikers Peak (11,657 feet), a false summit on Mount Adams.

With one last push, we summited Mount Adams!

We were able to see the top bit of Mount Rainier in the distance above the wildfire haze.

After eating a snack and soaking in the views from 12,276 feet up, we started our trip down.

And after a few hours, we were back at the trailhead and on our way home! After a stop at Stanich's in Portland, aka the best burger in America, that is.